Elon Musk thinks Taylor Swift is Napoleon Dynamite in drag

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June 09, 2023

The Twitter CEO says he is Taylor Swift fan

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Elon Musk said he is Taylor Swift fan but can't think why she is not Napoleon Dynamite in drag.

While reacting to a meme that said "When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag," he said, "Am TS fan-of course- but how do we know for sure they're different people."

Millions of people saw the tweet as the Twitter CEO has large number followers on the platform he owns.

His comment received mixed reactions, with some people finding it funny and others disagreeing with the billionaire who famously dated Amber Heard.

Elon Musk recently reacted to a tweet accusing Megan Fox of child abuse.

His reactions in the form of an exclamatory sign gave greater reach to the allegations levelled against the "Transformers" actress on Twitter.

Megan Fox was accused of forcing her sons to wear girls' clothes.

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