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US DJ establishes his own country, 'Slowjamastan'

“I ran out of countries, so I created my own," says Sultan of Slowjamastan

By Web Desk
June 09, 2023
This picture shows the directions to 'Slowjamastan'.— Twitter/slowjamastan

Williams, a broadcaster by day who has dedicated his life to travelling to every nation on the planet, establishes his own nation as he runs out of places to visit.

His nation is established on an 11.07-acre piece of barren, arid property in the California desert that he purchased, named after his radio programme since there was only one UN-recognised country remaining to visit.

|I like to put it simply," says Randy “R Dub!” Williams, a late-night "slow jams" DJ from San Diego who’s also known as "the Sultan of Slowjamastan.” “I ran out of countries, so I created my own."

The sultan of Slowjamastan aired the secession live from his open-air government "office" in Dublândia, the nation's capital, on December 1, 2021, while donning his nicest suit and sunglasses. The secession was formally announced at 12:26 pm, CNN reported.

Although the Sultan of Slowjamastan has enacted a number of peculiar laws — forbidding the wearing of Crocs, for example — the Republic still possesses all the hallmarks of a young nation-state two years later.

It prints its own money ("the duble"), issues its own passports, displays its own flag, and plays its national song during official events.

Almost 500 people have been registered as citizens of the Republic of Slowjamastan, and 4,500 more reportedly have provisional approval for citizenship or are in the queue to apply.

Williams is inviting tourists to visit the Republic of Slowjamastan as he aims to establish the leading "micronation" on the globe now that he is close to achieving his lifelong ambition of travelling to every country in the world.