Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo talks ‘redemption arch’: ‘Want him to own up to everything’

Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo breaks down his hopes for the character Gabriel, and his future

By Web Desk
June 09, 2023
Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo talks ‘redemption arch’: ‘Want him to own up to everything’

Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo weighs in on the ‘victimhood’ his character perpetuated in season 3, and the changes that are to come.

He broke it all down during an interview with People magazine, ahead of the United Nations World Oceans Day that is slated for this Thursday,


The conversation arose when Bravo promised fans some ‘major revelations’ following season 3’s cliffhanger.

“I know that Gabriel in season four is aiming for the Michelin star. He's maturing a lot,” he admitted.

“He's not going to be so much involved into relationship dramas,” this time around, Bravo warns.

As part of a major shift, “I think he wants to aim for something very mature and stable.”

For those unversed, season 3 concluded with Camille calling off her wedding to Gabriel, after witnessing Emily’s feelings.

But after that walk away from the isle, she also dropped a bomb about her pregnancy.

In light of this, Bravo promises Gabriel’s redemption arch and admits that the character intends on owning up to “his mistake because for the last season he's been more of a victim than owning [it].”

“I think it's going to be coming of age for him in season four, which is nice to play,” he also admitted.

“Because when you start a character, then there's a year where you experience the world and you mature, you become another person and you come back and it's exactly the day you left off.”

“So he's still the same, but you have so much more to bring to it, but you can't. So it feels like kind of regressing,” he also admitted.

Hence “I'm happy that in season four I'll be able to bring more of what I became and what I've experienced in the past four years.”

Before signing off though, he did warn fans against expecting season 4 ‘too soon’ because, “We don't want to start writing until everything is solved with the writers.”

“Because we're very close to our writers on Emily and we're just standing for them.”