Jennifer Aniston reveals how her intense work out 'broke' her body

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June 07, 2023

Jennifer Aniston says her intense work out caused her more harm than good in latest interview

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Jennifer Aniston reveals how her intense work out 'broke' her body

Jennifer Aniston shared the importance of maintaining balance with “low-impact home workout" in comparison to intense workout regimes that damage bodies.

Speaking to InStyle, the Friends alum said that she always felt the pressure to do intense workout to stay in shape and ended up injuring herself on numerous occasions.

“When you’re in a mindset of, ‘I need to do 45 minutes of cardio or I won’t get a good workout,’ it’s daunting,” Aniston told the publication.

“I believed it for so long. I just burnt out and broke my body,” she added of her intense physical work out which did her more damage than good.

“My physical therapist gave me a Barbie doll that’s covered in Kinesio tape,” The Morning Show star said, revealing that the purpose of the tape is “to show every injury I’ve had in the last 15 years.”

She went on to reveal that she has switched to low-impact home workout program Pvolve to stay healthy and in shape in a more balanced way.

Aniston said she likes to workout with her friends as it keeps her motivated. “Doing your own workout by yourself, meh,” the actor said.

“If you get some good music going you can have fun, but I like to be guided,” she added. “It’s too easy for me to do things less correctly than I should.”

“I’m really into Lizzo right now, I love Rihanna, of course, and I love old-school ’90s hip-hop,” she said of the music she enjoys during a workout.

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