Johnny Depp ‘loves’ that Lily-Rose Depp is ‘challenging herself’ with bold roles

Johnny Depp is 'proud' of his daughter for taking risks with challenging roles amid 'The Idol' backlash

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023


Johnny Depp has nothing but love for his daughter Lily-Rose Depp for choosing a “challenging role” in the controversial series The Idol.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is “proud” of the Voyagers actor and believes that the controversy surrounding the HBO show means that she is “doing something right.”

Speaking to Daily Mail, a source said that the actor approved of his little girl’s new scandalous role in The Weeknd starrer despite backlash from viewers.

The source said that Johnny is unfazed with the criticism and instead “believes she must be doing something right to have gained so much attention.”

“Johnny loves that Lily is carving out a career of her own and challenging herself to take on roles that interest her and test her.

“He loves that she is her own person and becoming her own actress. She isn't resting her career on his success,” the insider added.

The source continued: “He loves that she is such a strong person, especially now that she has gotten some extra attention with her recent role in The Idol.

“He is proud of her and not lending anything to the extra chatter and drama that the role brings,” the insider said. “He believes that she must be doing something right since the role is getting so much attention, and he is proud of her success.”