Ben Affleck ditches fast food as Jennifer Lopez steers him to healthy lifestyle

Ben Affleck reportedly loving his new diet plan managed by Jennifer Lopez as it is '100 percent working for him'

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023


Ben Affleck is ditching his unhealthy habits as Jennifer Lopez has finally managed to convince him to eat healthy.

The Gone Girl star is reportedly telling everyone around him that he is the “happiest” he has even been as his wife’s “diet and exercise plan" is “100 percent working for him.”

Affleck has been spotted multiple times munching on fast food, however, after tying the knot with The Mother actor, he is finally prioritizing his health.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly about Affleck’s new diet plan, an insider said, “There are trainers at the house, there are chefs at the house and there is healthy food everywhere he turns.”

The source said that J.Lo “loves to indulge in burgers and fries, but at home, it’s a really healthy house,” adding, “Lots of water. No soda. Yoga in the morning outside. A casual run if she’s free in the afternoon, and she’ll bring Ben with her.”

Dishing on Affleck’s former lifestyle and how it changed, the insider said, “Ben used to only go outside to pick up his Dunkin’ deliveries and fast-food deliveries. Munchkins for days.”

“Now, he’s going outside to sit for a nice breakfast with Jennifer on the patio with avocado toast, granola and berries,” the insider said.

Ben Affleck “still loves his Dunkin coffee,” but he has found a balance between health and occasional munching on fast food.

“He’s the happiest he’s ever been, so he’ll tell anyone that that means he’s the healthiest he’s ever been, too,” the source revealed.

“He really wants to take care of himself for Jennifer and the kids and be really present, and he does feel his best when he’s working out with a trainer and eating right.”