Taylor Swift, Matty Healy breakup not a PR stunt despite speculations

Taylor Swift, 'The 1975' frontman Matty Healy call it quits after one-month relationship

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023


Taylor Swift and Matty Healy breakup was not a PR stunt, claimed expert, while revealing that the singer only parted ways from the musician to save herself from controversy.

Ever since the Bejeweled hitmaker allegedly started dating The 1975 frontman, there have been concerns from her fanbase regarding the controversial and wild history of the musician.

However, her fans and friends took a sigh of relief after it was revealed that she has parted ways from Healy, a move she made to stay away from “controversy,” claimed a PR expert.

Speaking to The Mirror, Kieran Elsby said, "I think any celebrity relationship is under the media spotlight,” adding, "With Matty's past comments I felt it was only a matter of when they split."

"Of course, Taylor couldn't say much when in a relationship, but sections of her fanbase were concerned,” Elsby continued. “Ultimately Taylor Swift is a brand, carefully managed and the split moves her away from controversy.”

Healy’s controversial history includes his addiction with heroin and prescription drugs, as well as some of his remarks that did not sit well with a lot of people.

He even misbehaved with fans during concerts which includes kissing fans and touching himself on stage, as per the publication.

The expert went on to add that Swift’s relationship with Healy was not a "PR stunt,” while claiming that the singer started the romance with best interest.

"I don't think the split was a PR stunt, but I think Taylor's PR team will sigh a breath of relief that the split has left Taylor relatively untouched, and they will be ready to move on," he said.untouched, and they will be ready to move on," he said.

"I don't think that Matty was just a rebound, I am sure the relationship started with the best intentions, but I do wonder how long it would take anyone to really get over a serious six-year relationship.

"It would be hard for anyone in this situation, and even more so in a global spotlight."