Comment: Is PTI seeking sanctions against Pakistan?

By Farrukh Saleem
June 07, 2023

ISLAMABAD: PTI USA President Atif Khan, accompanied by a delegation, recently met with Congressman Greg Casar, the representative of Texas’s 35th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. During the meeting, the PTI leaders appealed to Congressman Casar for his support in conditioning military assistance to Pakistan based on human rights considerations. Additionally, the delegation aimed to engage the congressman in discussions regarding Pakistan, hoping to elicit anti-Pakistan statements from him (the stark reality is that there is little or no US military assistance to begin with, which could be at stake).Atif Khan told the American media that PTI USA was using “all three channels, the media, Congress and the administration, to convey its message: stop human rights violations in Pakistan…..


”During a recent PTI rally held outside the White House, party leaders passionately appealed to the Biden administration, requesting it to refrain from engaging with Pakistan.In recent weeks, the former prime minister of Pakistan has been actively involved in discussions with several representatives from California. These include Representative Ted Lieu, who serves the 36th District, Representative Eric Swalwell, representing the 14th Congressional District, Representative Brad Sherman, dedicated to California’s 32nd Congressional District, and Representative Mike Leven, advocating for the 49th Congressional District. Additionally, the ex-prime minister had a zoom meeting with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who represents the 43rd Congressional District of California. Following these discussions, Representative Sherman composed a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. In his correspondence, he highlighted apprehensions regarding the infringement upon human rights, and the rule of law in Pakistan.

The PTI has recently enlisted the services of Fenton/Arlook and Praia Consultants, two prominent lobbying firms. Their primary role will be to “disseminate information to journalists, provide them with briefings, facilitate the placement of articles and broadcasts, and coordinate interviews.” Is the PTI seeking sanctions against Pakistan? A crime against the state refers to “offenses committed against the established authority or stability of a nation or its governing institutions. These crimes typically involve actions that undermine the functioning or security of the state. Examples of crimes against the state can include treason, sedition, espionage, terrorism, coup attempts, rebellion and other acts aimed at destabilizing or subverting the established political order.

”Crimes against the state are generally considered extremely serious due to their potential impact on the stability, security, and functioning of a nation. The severity of a crime against the state can vary depending on the nature and scale of the offense committed. In many jurisdictions, such crimes are treated as offenses of the highest degree and may carry severe legal penalties, including lengthy imprisonment, fines, or even capital punishment in some cases. Due to the potential threat they pose to national security and the orderly functioning of government, crimes against the state are often vigorously investigated and prosecuted. Governments take such offenses seriously and allocate significant resources to prevent, detect and respond to acts that pose a risk to the well-being of the nation and its citizens.