May 9 violence: 52 accused handed over to army for trial

36 handed over by anti-terrorism courts, others by police

By Asif Mehmood Butt
June 07, 2023
PTI activists and supporters of former prime minister Imran Khan, clash with police during a protest against the arrest of their leader in Peshawar on May 10, 2023. — AFP

LAHORE: Some 52 people involved in the May 9 incidents in Punjab have been handed over to the army for trial in military courts under the Army Act. According to the documents received, 36 of them have been handed over by anti-terrorism courts while 16 by police. Out of the 36 persons, 16 belong to Lahore, 8 to Rawalpindi, 4 to Gujranwala and 8 to Faisalabad. Among those handed over to the army by police, 5 belong to Lahore, 6 to Gujranwala and 4 to Mianwali. According to the documents, Amjad Kalia, son of Manzoor, Laeeq Ahmad, son of Manzoor Sheikh, Hamza Sharif, son of Muhammad Azam, Abdul Jabbar, son of Abdul Sattar, and Muhammad are among those handed over to the army by the Anti-Terrorism Court, Faisalabad. Ali, son of Muhammad Buta, Muhammad Farrukh, son of Shams Tabriz, Sulaiman, son of Zahid Nisar, and Fahad Imran, son of Muhammad Imran, are included among them. Case number 832/23 was registered against them at the Faisalabad Civil Lines Police Station.


The persons who were handed over to the army by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Gujranwala include Asher Butt, son of Muhammad Arshad, Rashid Ali, son of Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Rashid, son of Ghulam Haider, and Muhammad Anas, son of Muhammad Riaz. Case number 823/23 was registered against them at the Gujranwala Cantonment Police Station.

Ali Hussain, son of Khalid Rehman, Lal Shah, son of Jahanzeb, Shehryar Zulfiqar, son of Zulfiqar Ahmed, Farhad Khan, son of Shahid Hussain Khan, Muhammad Idris, son of Muhammad Sharif, Umar Farooq, son of Muhammad Sabir, Raja Muhammad Ehsan, son of Muhammad Maqsood, and Muhammad Abdullah, son of Kanwar Muhammad Ashraf Khan, from Rawalpindi were handed over to the army. From Lahore, Amir Zohaib, son of Nazir Ahmed Sheikh, Ali Raza, son of Ghulam Murtaza, Muhammad Arsalan, son of Muhammad Siraj, Muhammad Umair, son of Abdul Sattar, Muhammad Rahim, son of Muhammad Naeem, Zia-ul-Reham, son of Azam Khurshid, Waqas Ali, son of Muhammad Ashraf, Rais Ahmad, son of Shafiullah, Faisal Irshad, son of Zafar Ehsan, Muhammad Bilawal Hussain, son of Manzoor Hussain, Faheem Haider, son of Farooq Haider, Arzam Junaid, son of Junaid Razak, Mian Muhammad Akram Usman, son of Mian Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Hasher Khan, son of Tariq Bashir, and Hasan Shakir, son of Shakir Hussain, were handed over to the army.

Accused Ali Iftikhar, son of Muhammad Iftikhar, arrested in another case number 852/23, registered at the Police Station Sarwar Road, Lahore, has also been handed over to the army. Among the persons who have been handed over to the army by the police in Raiwand, Green Town, North Cantonment and Badami Bagh police stations of Lahore are Ali Shan, son of Noor Muhammad, Dawood Khan, son of Shad Khan, Nauman Shah, son of Mahmood Ahmed, Muhammad Imran, son of Muhammad Mehboob, and Jan Ahmad, son of Toor Khan. Abdul Sattar, son of Muhammad Sarwar, Muhammad Waqas, son of Muhammad Khalil, and Muhammad Ahmad, son of Muhammad Nazir, were among those who were handed over to the army after the registration of 6 cases registered at the Gujranwala Police Station Cantt.

Sufyan Idris, son of Muhammad Idris, Muneeb Ahmed, son of Naveed Ahmed Butt, and Muhammad Nawaz, son of Abdul Samad, were the other accused given into the army’s custody. The accused produced by Mianwali police included Muhammad Bilal, son of Muhammad Afzal, Anwar Khan, son of Muhammad Khan, Babar Jamal, son of Muhammad Ajmal, and Faheem Sajjad, son of Muhammad Khan.