'The Bear' star Jeremy Allen White, Jennifer Coolidge discuss memes and stardom

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June 06, 2023

In a humorous and candid conversation, Coolidge and White discuss their characters and more

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'The Bear' star Jeremy Allen White, Jennifer Coolidge discuss memes and stardom

Actress Jennifer Coolidge and actor Jeremy Allen White first crossed paths at the Golden Globes in January 2023.

Coolidge had just won an award for her role in The White Lotus, portraying the lonely heiress Tanya McQuoid, while White received recognition for his performance as Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto on The Bear.

Coolidge, who has firsthand experience as a waitress and has dated chefs, resonated with the setting of The Bear.

In a humorous and candid conversation on Variety's actors on actors, Coolidge and White discuss their characters, insecurities, and the impact of the memes they inspired.

The memes, such as "Yes, Chef!" and "These gays, they're trying to murder me!", played a role in elevating their status from cult actors to prominent figures of the current television season.

White mentions seeing Coolidge's face on a candle in the hair-and-makeup trailer.

So I’ve been looking at your face every morning, because Ally, our hair person, has this candle in the hair-and-makeup trailer that’s reserved for saints — one of the tall ones. But hers has your face on it. So it’s nice to see you. And I guess I want to ask you what it’s like being so loved?

Coolidge responds with: Thank you. I just want you to know that I rigged that, because I have a crush on you and I sent that candle …

WHITE: "… so I could be staring at it? Good, good"

Despite their newfound recognition, Coolidge remains humble and appreciative of the moment, while White highlights the shared admiration they receive.

The conversation also touches on their brief encounter at a previous awards event, reinforcing their connection in the industry.

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