Taylor Swift used Matty Healy as rebound after Joe Alwyn breakup?

Taylor Swift part ways from controversial musician Matty Healy after one-month romance

By Web Desk
June 06, 2023

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Taylor Swift was reportedly never serious with Matty Healy and just used him to spend some fun time after her split from Joe Alwyn.

The Anti-Hero hitmaker was never serious with The 1975 frontman, confirmed a source close to the situation to Page Six.

Speaking to the publication, the insider said that the relationship was so casual for Swift that she “surely won’t be” writing any songs about it.

“Everyone who really knows her has been saying all along that this was a fun, good time thing that would last as long as it lasted and would be no big deal once it was done,” the source said.

Slamming the media for hyping up Swift’s romance with Healy, which ended hardly after a month they started dating, the insider said, “It’s all stupid.”

“She will not be writing albums about this one,” the source said. “It was a summertime thing. Does everyone have amnesia about Tom Hiddleston? Jesus Christ.”

Further mocking the fans and media’s response to singer’s fling, the source noted Swift “can’t have a good time with anyone without the press marrying her off to them.”

“Then when she moves on, they have to basically have her file for divorce,” the insider added.

Explaining Swift’s short-lived fling with Healy, the insider said the superstar just wanted to have some fun following her “stifling” relationship with Alwyn.

“She’s allowed to let off some steam and sew [sic] her oats afterwards without people claiming first that she’s ‘head over heels’ and then that she’s ‘breaking up’ with the guy.

“It’s not a breakup. It’s a natural evolution of a fun little thing whose moment is over,” the source asserted.