President Alvi orders COMSATS to permit student's degree completion

President asks university to rectify situation in the interest of justice, urging reinstatement of student

By Nausheen Yusuf
June 05, 2023
President Dr Arif Alvi. — AFP/File

President Dr Arif Alvi Monday instructed COMSATS University to allow one of their students, whose admission was cancelled after completing seven out of eight semesters, to complete his education urging him not to endanger his degree and future.

The admission of Hammad bin Zain, the student, to the university, was rescinded after three and a half years because he did not meet the eligibility criteria for admission in 2017, having obtained fewer marks than the required threshold.


The president expressed astonishment at the university administration's significant mistake of admitting him and subsequently informing him, after three and a half years, that he did not meet the eligibility criteria for admission.

Highlighting that the student has paid fees for eight semesters and consistent completion of course requirements, President Alvi emphasised the importance of rectifying the situation in the interest of justice, urging the university to permit the student's completion of the degree program.

The president's orders came after he accepted a representation filed by the student against the orders of the federal ombudsperson before whom Zain has filed a complaint againstCOMSATS.

He stated that it was the responsibility of the university to check the eligibility criteria and that he should have been denied admission in 2017, if he did not meet the requirements.

The ombudsperson, in its decision, did not provide any relief to the complainant and only ordered the university to conduct an inquiry into the whole situation and hold the guilty officers and officials responsible for their negligence.

President Alvi, however, rejected theombudsperson's decision by observing that the student was studying in the BS (Business Administration) program and had already completedthree and a half years of his degree program.

He added that since there was no allegation of misrepresentation against him, the student should not be made to suffer for the negligence committed by the university’s administration. The president noted that the student’s time, money and efforts would be wasted due to the cancellation of his admission.

Acknowledging the student's plea, the president instructed the university to reinstate Zain's admission and report their compliance to theombudsperson.