People are talking about —

June 04, 2023

— how trees in Changa Manga are being cut illegally by influential personalities, which will ultimately have a negative impact on the environment as well as on the wildlife, which is also being hunted. People say the reason for this is lack of security; the fact that the forest does not have a designated entrance so people from all around can enter easily and no relevant laws, so those who are responsible for protecting forests and wildlife must take action.


— how students are not encouraged to read newspapers as schools and colleges have stopped promoting the habit of reading them, though editorials and opinion pieces in a newspaper can enable the students to achieve the essential standards of essay writing People say in these institutions, libraries, provided there is one, appear to be more like archaeological sites and the rat race of marks and grades has turned our students into educational robots that are programmed to focus on nothing else.

— the sad reality that most miners in Pakistan come from underprivileged backgrounds and are forced to work in the most hazardous conditions imaginable only to be paid a pittance by those who employ them. People say they are victims of a system that gives the lower-income groups no choice but to put their lives on the line every day in order to survive, so the government should help all those involved in manual labour by implementing better health and safety standards.

— the fact that a school curriculum is of utmost importance in shaping the minds of the new generation and also preparing them for the academic and practical challenges ahead in their lives. People say the 21st century has seen technology grow at a fast pace and any nation that does not pay attention to this trend is liable to fall behind, so the Pakistani school curriculum certainly needs an overhaul, while more analytical methods of teaching need to be introduced.

— the incident of a postgraduate doctor who sustained a traumatic head injury because of violent patient attendants, which was a shock for the medical community and the equally shocking fact that the doctor was kept in an ICU setting with bright lights and surrounded by visitors taking photos. Experts say such patients should be kept in a low-stimulation environment with dim lighting and low sound to aid brain recovery, so this careless behaviour should strictly not be allowed.

— that in spite of numerous advancements and changes witnessed in recent years, our society still clings to traditional gender norms that limit the potential of individuals and perpetuate inequality. People say that it is heartening that society is slowly seeing the emergence of a growing movement challenging these gender roles and there is an increasing realization that gender equality is not only a matter of justice and human rights but also a crucial factor in achieving sustainable development and progress.

— the shocking news that two men were arrested for throwing poison in Rawal Dam, the source of drinking water for Rawalpindi, to ‘catch’ fish, a method that has been supposedly going on for some time but neglected by the authorities. People say not only fish but other creatures were also affected, not to say anything about humans who consumed the fish, while water outlets need to be tested as the water may have been causing problems for those who use it. — I.H.