Pakistan Association Dubai to hold ‘Green Summit’

By Sibte Arif
June 03, 2023

DUBAI: The largest centre of Pakistanis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pakistan Association Dubai, will hold the “Green Summit” this year to raise awareness about environmental changes. Revealing the paperless strategy and the conference on the environment, Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) President Dr Faisal Ikram said that the association is also organising the “Green Summit” keeping in mind the COP28 conference so that the Pakistani community living in the United Arab Emirates could be aware of the environmental changes.


Dr Faisal Ikram was discussing the PAD’s future strategies at the programme “Guest in Town”, organised by the Pakistan Journalist Forum.. He said the World Environment Conference COP 28 was going to be held in November this year at the Dubai Expo Centre, where the association will also participate. The COP28 will be held in the UAE at Dubai Expo City from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

Discussing the plan to abandon paper for the betterment of the environment, the PDA President Dr Faisal Ikram said the association has currently reduced the use of paper by 90 percent and expressed hope that 100 percent of the transactions would be digitised by the end of this year.

He said the association is implementing the vision of the government of Dubai, under which the Pakistan Association Dubai is taking environment-friendly measures and is committed to eliminating the use of paper completely. Dr Faisal Ikram said the Pakistan Association Dubai was recently awarded “Dubai Quality Award” by the government of Dubai due to its excellent performance in the United Arab Emirates.It is a great honour for the association and the Pakistani community to receive this award for the second time in a row.