Sarah Ferguson ready to find beau for herself: 'I want a boyfriend'

Sarah Ferguson talks about der desire to fall in love again

By Web Desk
June 02, 2023

Sarah Ferguson is looking for her Mr Right again, she admits.

The Duchess of York and firmer wife of Prince Andrew spoke to entrepreneur Sarah Thomson in a recent interview and revealed how she craves love in her life.


When Thompson asked if the Duchess had a boyfriend, Sarah replied: "Do I have a boyfriend? No."

Then the host asked: "Do you want one?" to which Fergie replied: "Yes"

Meanwhile, Fergie also admitted that she is "very shy" and "trusts too much" and "too many people".

Fergie has famously supported ex-husband Prince Andrew over his alleged sexual assault scandal.

Speaking to OK Magazine last year, the Duchess said: "[Andrew] is a wonderful father and a very very good grandfather."

She continued: "I think, as a grandparent, you have to let your children get on with being the parents they want to be, and not interfere too much."

"But I'm always there to pick up the broccoli when it goes flying at mealtimes," she added.