Drew Barrymore encourages new entrepreneurs to ‘go do that you don’t see’

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June 01, 2023

Drew Barrymore speaks at the VeeCon 2023 where she was invited as a guest speaker, shares a clip

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Drew Barrymore encourages new entrepreneurs to ‘go do that you don’t see’

Drew Barrymore has recently encouraged entrepreneurs to “do that you wish to be existed out in the world”.

Last month, the actress turned entrepreneur spoke at the VeeCon 2023 and gave some tips to the audience working with corporate organisations and brands.

Speaking of which, the Never Been Kissed actress posted a clip from the event on her Instagram on May 31 where she addressed new entrepreneurs in the audience.

The clip began with Drew saying, “One of the best pieces of business advice I ever got in my life, He said, ‘I want you to go out there and look at everything that you see and tell me what you see. And I say I have done that’.”

The Charlie’s Angels actress continued, “I have done the research… I have looked at everything… I have got it…”

“Now tell me what you don’t see and go do that.”

Drew stated, “And I thought it was the smartest thing I had ever heard in my life.”

“Find the white space… Find the blank… Find the thing that you wish that was out there that you don’t see.”

“And do that,” she asserted.

Drew added, “Do the thing you wish existed. But do what it is that’s so burning inside of you that you just…”

“Again, you can’t extinguish it because you are so passionate for it to exist out in the world,” she concluded.

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