Forgotten emissions

June 01, 2023

I want to shed light on an often-ignored issue when discussing environmental pollution – jets and airplanes. While efforts are being made to reduce emissions from cars and industry, it is crucial to recognize that aircraft pose a significant threat to our environment. Jets and airplanes burn large amounts of fossil fuels, resulting in large greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide. Additionally, they release nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter, contributing to smog, acid rain and respiratory problems. Aircraft contrails also trap heat in the atmosphere, increasing global warming.


Investment in research and development for more fuel-efficient engines and alternative energy sources is crucial. Stricter regulations and standards for the aviation industry and exploring alternatives to air travel, such as high-speed rail, are necessary. Individuals can make a difference by choosing direct flights, flying less frequently and compensating for their carbon emissions.

Tehreem Siddique