PM Shehbaz Sharif says economic development, mass relief a priority in budget

He personally assured that the proposals from the industrial sector would be incorporated into the budget

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023
Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif chairs a meeting on budget proposals. Federal Ministers, leading businessmen, exporters and industrialists attended the meeting via video link. —APP

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has emphasised that the government's top priorities in the 2023-24 budget are economic development and providing maximum relief to the masses.

During a meeting on the budget proposal for the industrial sector, PM Shehbaz stated that the federal budget would include measures to enhance industrial growth and exports. He assured that the proposals from the industrial sector would be incorporated into the budget. The prime minister also instructed relevant authorities to remove unnecessary obstacles that hinder the increase in small, medium, and large-scale industrial production.


PM Shehbaz criticised the previous PTI-led administration for intentionally obstructing investment and industrial development, disregarding the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and burdening the Pakistani population with the consequences. However, he expressed optimism, stating that Pakistanis are gradually overcoming economic difficulties and that the government, along with the nation, industrialists, and the business community, is actively working to improve the country's economic situation.

PM Shehbaz acknowledged the challenges faced in the past year, including disruptive marches and sit-ins that caused damage and economic losses. To support industries, he emphasised the government's commitment to reducing production costs by providing low-cost energy and facilitating easy bank loans for small-scale industries. He directed his adviser to finalise the proposals from the industrial sector and ensure their inclusion in the budget. Additionally, the prime minister instructed authorities to conduct a detailed analysis of the proposals and present a comprehensive report.

The government's focus on economic development, relief to the masses, and industrial growth in the budget reflects its commitment to revitalising the economy and addressing the needs of the people. With a determination to overcome challenges and stimulate progress, PM Shehbaz aims to create a conducive environment for industrial expansion and export enhancement while ensuring the well-being of the population.