Kaley Cuoco predicts two-month-old daughter would be an actress in future

Kaley Cuoco welcomed daughter Matilda with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey on March 30th, 2023

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May 29, 2023
Kaley Cuoco predicts two-month-old daughter would be an actress in future

Kaley Cuoco’s instincts about her daughter, who is merely two months old, tell her that she will grow up to follow her mother’s acting footsteps.

The Big Bang Theory alum, 37, found about she was pregnant with, Matilda, who was born on March 30th, 2023, while she beginning to film her Peacock thriller series, Based on a True Story.


In a recent interview with Emmy Magazine, Cuoco explained why she thought Matilda is predestined to be an actress.

“It’s in her genes; I don’t know how she won't,” Cuoco shared, adding that her baby was already on-screen before she was even born. “The child already thinks she’s the star of everything.”

The new mom also recalled that her baby daughter kicked so hard during one scene that actress Ever Carradine jumped.

Previously, the Flight Attendant actress told Entertainment Tonight that the show was “written very differently” when she had signed on, however, “crazily enough” the writers “wrote in” her pregnancy.

However, Cuoco lauded the writers for not changing her character despite adding a big change in the script.

“What I love is, they didn’t change the character,” she told Emmy Magazine.

“The show is super edgy, and none of that changed because I was pregnant. I have belly shirts on, and I’m in my bra, and there are sex scenes, where we have my photo double come in. We had to build this amazing stomach for her.”

The series was shot in and around Los Angeles between the fifth and ninth months of her pregnancy. In fact, fortunately, the production schedule of Based on a True Story aligned perfectly with filming wrapping three weeks before her due date.

The outlet noted that producers were blown away by her ability to manage twelve-hour days as the months progressed.