Roger Waters concert sparks protest in Frankfurt

Roger Waters was accused of antisemitism in a recent concert

By Web Desk
May 29, 2023
Roger Waters concert spark protest in Frankfurt

Roger Waters is under fire for sporting anti-Semitic symbols at the Berlin concert as several groups, including Jewish, politicians, and civil society, banded together to protest against him on Sunday.

However, the legendary musician denied allegations of antisemitism.


In reaction to the scheduled concert at Festhalle City, the Frankfurt authorities were geared into action to block the show.

But Waters challenged the decision in a local court and successfully approved the concert.

Meanwhile, the protestors argued the concert would not go forward as the city endured injustices towards 3,000 Jews in November 1938, when they were deported to concentration camps by the Nazis.

“Against this historical background, the concert should not have taken place under any circumstances,” the protest organiser, Sacha Stawski, said.

“It's very frustrating", he continued. That the concert is going ahead as scheduled even though Frankfurt officials and many others tried to prevent it, Elio Adler, the Jewish group Werte Initiative chief, told Associated Press.

“His words and imagery spread Jew-hatred and are part of a trend: to normalize Israel-hatred under the protection of freedom of speech or art,” Adler said.

Waters was under the scanner earlier for allegedly sporting Nazi symbols and reportedly mocked about Holocaust victim Anne Frank.