'Black Mirror' creator complains Channel 4 'cancelled us'

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May 29, 2023

In 2016, 'Black Mirror' moved to Netflix from Channel 4

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'Black Mirror' creator complains Channel 4 'cancelled us'

Black Mirror showrunner Charlie Brooker recounted Channel 4 treatment of the dystopian drama and the series' switch to Netflix.

During an interview with The Sunday Times, the screenwriter revealed a tussle with the British channel over series cost.

"Channel 4 cancelled us, effectively," the British journalist recalled.

The 53-year-old said broadcasters demanded to see each short film's "detailed synopses" before release as they believed the series was not generating enough profits.

Brooker called the request "outrageous" at the time.

"When feedback came, we were told they weren't very Black Mirror, and they were no longer going to allocate the money for four episodes," Brooker added.

However, when the show landed on the streamer in 2016, it skyrocketed for the series' popularity.

"We realised this was not going to happen with Channel 4," producer Annabel Jones wrote. "We had to push ahead and do this deal with Netflix."

Meanwhile, the show was credited with multiple Emmy Awards and received critical acclaim from critics and audiences.

Earlier, Black Mirror seems to be making its return after four years of hiatus.

The Twitter account of the series teased fans after years of mum, signaling fans TV that the critically-acclaimed show is gearing up for its return, The Sun reports.

“what have we missed?” the show’s official account tweeted.

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