Foo Fighters welcome Taylor Hawkins’ son Shane to drum onstage at Boston Calling

Shane wowed the crowd during Foo Fighters performance of ‘My Hero’ during the London tribute concert in honour of his dad Taylor Hawkins last September.

By Web Desk
May 28, 2023


Taylor Hawkins’ son Shane once again honoured his late father as Foo Fighters embark on their summer tour.

On Friday, the 17-year-old joined the band onstage to perform their 1995 hit I’ll Stick Around during the band’s headlining performance at the Boston Calling music festival.

In a video clip on the internet, Dave Grohl, the band’s frontman, announced the teenager as his ‘favourite drummer.’ “How about we do a song with one of my favourite drummers in the world?” he called out.”Ladies and gentlemen, Shane Hawkins!”

Grohl, who is also Shane’s godfather, was seen having a quick exchange with the young drummer as he continued to fix his kit. The frontman takes the mic and jokingly tells the crowd, “He just told me ‘Hey, say something, I gotta fix this thing, alright.’” He said with a laugh as the camera panned to Shane expertly making adjustments to the kit.

Grohl briefly talked about missing The National’s set and then turning to tease his godson, “How’s it going there, Shane?” He then added teasingly, “Oh my God, there’s a curfew, Shane!”

Shane laughed before giving the signal that he was officially ready to go. “This is an old song from our first record and when we play—” Grohl began, before Shane cut him off by launching headfirst into the banger.

In the clip, bassist Nate Mendel can be seen affectionately shaking his head as Shane pounded away on the drum set.

Ahead of announcing their tour, Foo Fighters revealed Josh Freese as their new drummer. The announcement came a year after Taylor Hawkins death, who passed away on March 25, 2022, due to an accidental overdose at age 50 in Bogota, Colombia, where the group was scheduled to perform.