Scuffles during National Games being investigated

By Abdul Mohi Shah
May 28, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The 34th National Games disciplinary committee is currently in the process of analysing who was at fault that resulted in back-to-back brawls during the 34th National Games in Quetta.


Three unsportsmanlike incidents during the past few days dented the charm of some exciting competitions in the Balochistan capital. The judo incident is the latest one as on the day when Shah Hussain Shah won his second gold medal, two departmental teams were seen exchanging blows, hurling chairs at each other, and using kicks and blows when Shah's match came to a close.

Masood Ahmad, an official of the judo federation, when contacted by 'The News', confirmed that an incident took place due to a misunderstanding. “One of the departmental team members called the referee 'a cheater' who slapped the instigator. Then it came to a free for all as everyone belonging to these two departments started using all available resources to hit their opponents. It was unfortunate that such an incident occurred,” he said.

When 'The News' approached a Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) official, he said that the matter is under investigation with the respective federations or management committees. Once they submit their report on these breaches, the matter will be forwarded to POA for further action.

“The respective federation or Management Committees are handling these incidents. Once the report is submitted to the Government of Balochistan or Balochistan Olympics, they will forward us for further action,” he added.

The POA official said that considering all these facts the National Olympic Committee will take the required action. Earlier, in tug of war and handball such incidents also took place. In the tug of war, Wapda and Railway players were seen exchanging punches and kicks.

During a handball match too a brawl occurred. “Since the respective federations are investigating these incidents, we cannot intervene. Once the respective federations report the cases we will look into these things,” Khalid Mehmood, secretary of POA, said.