Pakistan-Portugal trade discussed

By Our Correspondent
May 28, 2023

LAHORE: Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) president Kashif Anwar stressed on increasing the bilateral trade with Portugal to $1 billion in a meeting with Ambassador of Portugal Manuel Frederico Pinheiro Silva on Saturday, a statement said.


Anwar pointed out that Pakistan and Portugal trade had stood at around $284 million in 2021-22. “Pakistan’s exports to Portugal were around $271 million while the imports from Portugal were around $13 million in the same period,” he said, stressing to increase the trade between the two countries to at least $1 billion. The envoy, on his farewll visit to LCCI, stressed on shared learning and cooperation between Portugal and Pakistan, particularly in overcoming financial challenges based on Portugal's experiences from 2010 to 2014.

Moreover, he pointed out Portugal's exceptional tourism industry, ranking 10th globally in terms of tourist arrivals. Addressing Portugal's commitment to sustainability, the ambassador shared that the country relies on 70 percent renewable energy sources.