So you think you know: the in this economy?! edition

May 28, 2023

When everything has quadrupled in price, maybe, though one can’t remember the last time tomatoes weren’t Rs 80/Kg, it’s time to turn up the music.

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1. In Adnan Sami Khan’s ‘Lift Karade’ what does the singer specifically ask for?

a) Dirham o Dinar

b) Euro ya Yen

c) Crypto hi sahi

d) Rupya aur paisa

2. Sajjad Ali sings about a fickle love interest, who only wants him for his gaari, bangla, and bank balance in this track:

a) ‘Babia’

b) ‘Cinderella’

c) ‘Bolo Bolo’

d) ‘Sohni Lagdi’

3. Complete the following lyric: ‘paise aaney de…’

a) ‘dil lag jaane de’

b) ‘Sitare jalne de’

c) ‘Din badalne de’

d) ‘Fasal ugg jaane de’

4. In 2011’s ‘Bum Phatta’, all Ali Azmat wants is:

a) Money for nothing, and chicks for free, if Salman Ahmad were to tell the story

b) Just a McArabia today, thanks

c) Saari boti

d) Bijli, paani, aur kya?


1. A) Dirham o Dinar

2. C) ‘Bolo Bolo

3. C)‘Din badalne de

4. D) Bijli, paani, aur kya?

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