MIH celebrates Nurses Day

By Our Correspondent
May 27, 2023

Islamabad:Maroof International Hospital (MIH) on Thursday celebrated International Nurses Day (IND) with a theme of ‘Our Nurses - Our Future’, says a press release. On the occasion, many speakers addressed the ceremony and paid tribute to the services of nurses for human beings across the globe. Dr Quaid Saeed the CEO of Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority said that Int’l Nurses Day is celebrated every year on May 12 to recognise the incredible work nurses do, they work tirelessly to save lives and look after and care for people with complex health conditions often with little recognition.


He added that as of 2021 there are over 200 nursing schools & colleges and a University in Pakistan, according to Pakistan Nursing Council. Therefore, there is a lack of active registered nurses in Pakistan with 1.7 nurses per 1,000 population, according to WHO statistics of 2018. The current ratio is 1 nurse for 10.6 patients whereas the recommended ratio is 4 patients per nurse. He emphasized the lack of quality nursing colleges and low pays in public and private sectors, leads to qualified and capable nurses to seek jobs in other countries. However, he announced that new government projects are in the pipeline that include educational institutes to offer quality education up to Ph.D.

While addressing the ceremony, Maroof Int’l Hospital’s CEO Haroon Naseer said that the role of nurses in serving humanity can never be neglected. He said that nursing department across the globe was the backbone of the medical world, that the global pandemic of COVID-19 made it very clear that despite so much uncertainty and increasing risk of infection nurses didn’t allow the fear to take over but they remained on the front lines to save humanity. In the same vein he said that nursing is still seen as gender predominantly seen as female profession in Pakistan. This can lead to gender discrimination and biased in the work place.

Maroof Int’l Hospital’s Medical Director Dr Mir Waheed while addressing the Int’l Nurses Day serves multiple purposes. It acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of nurses to healthcare systems worldwide. It also raises awareness about the challenges faced by nurses and advocates for better working conditions, increased investments in nursing education, and improved healthcare policies. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role nurses play in the healthcare industry, highlighting their significance alongside doctors.