Three icons join hands to launch Pakistan's first fashion museum

It will be launched at UNESCO World Heritage site in Pakistan in Winter/Spring of 2023-2024

By Web Desk
May 26, 2023
Nabila Maqsood (left), Frieha Altaf and Fifi Haroon. — Instagram/friehaaltaf

For the first time ever, Pakistan is all set to get itsfashion museum along with a gala event and an exhibition which is aimed at showcasing the country's creative heritage.

Frieha Altaf, Nabila Maqsood and Fifi Haroon, three fashion icons who have been associated with Pakistani fashion for a long time, said that the Pakistan fashion museum will house a fashion collection from the past 75 years.


The event will be launched at a UNESCO World Heritage site in Pakistan in the Winter/Spring of 2023-2024.

The Instagram post said: "Frieha Altaf, Nabila and Fifi Haroon are excited to announce The Pakistan Fashion Museum – the first of its kind in Pakistan – along with The Muse Gala and exhibition, an annual event where designers and their celebrity muses will create a flight of unfettered fashion fancy.

"Together, this venue and event will showcase Pakistan’s creative heritage, innovation and style from the past 75 years and forecast Pakistani fashion’s future in the next 75!"

In their announcement video, they said: “For over three decades, we have dedicated our lives to Pakistani fashion nationally and internationally."

As per the announcement, they said they were “throwing two lifelines to Pakistani fashion".

"We want to create, innovate and excite. We want to bring the first fashion gala to Pakistan where our best designers will collaborate with muses and celebrities and create a space for unmitigated, unfettered fashion fantasies.”

They also explained they want to introduce Pakistan fashion to the world “by introducing the first fashion museum in a Pakistani city, in a UNESCO World Heritage site.”