Hard lesson

May 26, 2023

Imran Khan has made a great many mistakes in the course of his political career. During his tenure in power, he ushered in an era of ruthless political suppression of his opponents, which resulted in the formation of a grand alliance of erstwhile rivals to counter the PTI. In addition, Imran failed to live up to a single point of his populist programme. Upon his removal from power, he initially blamed a foreign conspiracy for his ouster but is now seen begging for help from abroad. Hypocrisy has been one of the former PM’s hallmarks both during and after his stint in power.


The last straw was his scorched-earth strategy of using dissolutions of assemblies and street power to try and bring down the entire democratic system if he could not get his way. Had he been a little less arrogant and engaged in the democratic process, it would have been to both his and the country’s benefit. The Imran Khan era has left the country bitterly divided and thrown our future into chaos. It remains to be seen whether we can forge a new consensus and if Imran Khan will learn from his mistakes and make better political choices going forward.

Zain ul Abdin Jessar