Prince Harry breaks silence on NYC car chase: ‘Closest I’ve ever felt to mum Diana’

Prince Harry finally speaks out about the ‘near fatal’ car crash that almost ‘too him closer to Diana’

By Web Desk
May 18, 2023

Prince Harry has just come forward with his emotions following the NYC car chase that ‘almost took their life’.

Admissions about the entire ordeal has been brought to light by the Duke of Sussex himself.

Insights into his emotions have been brought to light by GB News, and according to their findings, Prince Harry suffered the ‘dangerous’ situation for “more than two hours” alongside Meghan Markle and mother-in-law Doria.

At that time, he also felt the “closest I have ever felt” to understanding the final moments his mother experienced before her death in Paris.

The Duke even went as far as to tell many of his pals that the entire incident could’ve easily turned ‘fatal’ for him and Meghan and that they were “really shaken up” after the fact.

For those unversed, this admission comes just a few hours after a spokesperson for the couple stepped forward and branded the entire ordeal a “near catastrophic car chase” that could’ve ended badly.

Even the New York Police Department confirmed the claims and added that “numerous photographers” followed Harry and Meghan, and made everything “challenging.”

Sources close to the couple have also offered insights, and explained that one photographer even collided with a parked vehicle during the chase, causing “several near misses”, including one where a police officer was involved.