Prince Harry’s headed down a ‘a slippery slope to endorsing something juicer’

Prince Harry risks heading down a more slippery slope to endorsing something juicer’

By Web Desk
May 07, 2023

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Experts believe that it's ‘inevitable’ for Prince Harry to find him slipping down to endorsing even juicer territory.

These claims and admissions have been brought to light by royal commentator Daniela Elser, while writing for

She believes, “The last time that the UK witnessed anyone being crowned, colour TV was a pipedream, women wearing trousers were outré and homosexuality was a crime punishable by jail time.”

So “this was a watershed moment for Harry’s father and for his homeland, and yet rather than hauling a morning suit out that he already had in his cupboard instead he may have used it to not-so-subtly get into bed with Dior.”

“Even if he was not sponsored to wear the label, an off-the-rack suit from Dior costs $4900. Estimates for made-to-measure dresses verge towards the six-figure mark. Imagine how much a bespoke suit made by the house’s head of menswear would set a hardworking duke back if he paid full price?”

“Contrast these Dior posts with the social media radio silence from Alexander McQueen, which created Kate, the Princess of Wales’ stunner of a dress and headpiece, and her daughter Princess Charlotte’s miniature version.”

“So too Bruce Oldfield who conjured up Queen Camilla’s dress, a cheeky confection including tiny embroidered golden Jack Russels on the hem. There was not a self-promotional post to be seen.”

But it seems Prince Harry is headed down the same path as Sarah Fergeuson who’s known for signing with a massive amount of brands.

Considering all the bills she had to “sort out and a title to her name.”

“Fergie’s money-making gambits only grew in variety and the degree of dignity they sacrificed,” Ms Elser added.

Thus, it's safe to assume Prince Harry “might be perilously close to following in his errant aunt’s footsteps. Sure, this time it might be a French couture house but it’s a slippery slope to endorsing-a-juicer territory. And if we see Harry with startlingly white teeth all of a sudden, then watch out …”