Inflation, poor economic conditions: Traders announce nationwide rallies after Eid

By Muhammad Anis
April 02, 2023
An elderly man sits at a shuttered market during a traders countrywide strike against the price hike, in Peshawar. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: The Markazi Tanzeem Tajran Pakistan on Saturday announced to launch a countrywide protest move across the country after Eidul Fitr against the unprecedented inflation and deteriorating national economic conditions.


Addressing a press conference here, Markazi Tanzeem Tajran President Muhammad Kashif Chaudhry said that traders all over Pakistan would organise conventions and demonstrations if issues were not resolved. He regretted that the government did not pass on reduction in crude oil prices in the international market to the people while, on the other hand, the government was not ready to bring down its non-development expenses.

The traders leader said that problems could be addressed if the government was serious and sincere in doing so. “Neither the politicians, ministers nor bureaucracy is ready for cut their expenses and are getting free fuel and other benefits as usual,” he added.

He said the government should immediately announce a reduction in non-development expenses by 50 percent.

Kashif also asked the government to stop the humiliation of poor masses in the name of provision of free flour.

“Poor women, elderly people and children are made to suffer and die while standing in queues for hours,” he said, adding that five people had lost their lives in attempts to get poor quality flour.

He alleged that the mafias responsible for flour crisis were sitting in parliament.

The traders leader also asked politicians to come out of tug of war and agree on a charter of democracy. He was of the view the traders community could also play a role to make the politicians sit across the table for talks.

He said the government had cancelled wheat permits for flour mills, which resulted in a hike in the price of commodity.

The traders leader asked the government to review its Ramazan package so that poor masses were not humiliated in the name of so-called relief and free flour.

He also slammed the raids by FBR teams at points of sale, saying that the Board had not provided income tax forms to traders in Urdu language but was continuing to harass them.