Plea for help

April 02, 2023

My husband was a committed diplomat who was always eager to assist the Pakistani community abroad. During his last year, the former PTI government refused extension in his tour of duty at Los Angeles. It caused him tremendous stress as the trial-drugs for his cancer treatment were only available in the US. In order to save his life, he sought a stay order against his transfer from the Sindh High Court. Since then the Foreign Ministry has maintained a grudge against him.


Unfortunately, my husband is no longer with us. Now we, his heirs, are bearing the brunt of the Ministry’s enmity. During this past year, we have made several unsuccessful attempts to get our pension and benefits under the Prime Minister’s Assistance Package for Civil Servants who die in service. His former colleagues at the ministry have heartlessly ignored our pleas for subsistence in these times of inflation. We have given up hope in the Ministry officials and now ask the prime minister, foreign minister or the chief justice of Pakistan for help.

Fareeda Memon

Widow of Abdul Jabbar Memon

Ex-Consul General of Pakistan at Los Angeles