Prince Harry got 'weird' glances from Prince William after requesting drugs

Prince Harry talks about making Prince William uncomfortable with his drug request

By Web Desk
March 31, 2023

Prince Harry is touching upon holding a horror-filled conversation with Prince William.

While spending time with Prince William and other group mates in Africa, the Duke of Sussex insisted on having marijuana.


He recalls the night, saying, “Speaking of weirdness…The smell of marijuana wafted on the air. The stories grew louder, sillier. I asked if I could try. Everyone guffawed. Sod off! Willy looked at me in horror. But I wouldn’t back off. I pleaded my case. I was experienced, I said. Heads swung round. Oh really? The adults exchanged sly glances.”

Harry was then given a joint: “One shrugged, rolled a new joint, passed it to me. I took a puff. Coughed, retched. African weed was much harsher than Eton weed. And the high was less too. But at least I was a man. No. I was still a wee baby. The “joint” was just fresh basil wrapped in a bit of filthy rolling paper.”