Gwyneth Paltrow not found liable in 2016 ski collision case verdict

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March 31, 2023

The jury found on Thursday that Terry Sanderson was responsible for the 2016 ski collision

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Gwyneth Paltrow not found liable in 2016 ski collision case verdict

Gwyneth Paltrow has won the ski collision case, as per the final verdict on the case came out on Thursday.

The verdict on Paltrow's 2016 ski collision suit did not find the actress responsible for the collision with the retired optometrist, Terry Sanderson, the Shakespeare In Love star is also awarded her requested amount in countersuit.

The jury in Park City, Utah, came to conclusion on Thursday, that Sanderson was responsible for the collision, the court also awarded the actress the $1 she requested in a countersuit.

Paltrow's lawyer Stephen W. Owens revealed that the actor did not have an immediate comment, but her legal team would address the press shortly.

During the closing arguments lawyers for Sanderson said their client "never returned home that night as the same Terry. He never came home. Terry has tried to get off that mountain but he’s really still there."

Earlier this afternoon following the jury's deliberations, Utah Judge Kent Holmberg allowed ABC News, Court TV and The Associated Pressto cover the verdict and show reactions of Paltrow and Sanderson.

The actress has staunchly denied the responsibility for the downhill accident, and countersued Sanderson for $1.

Paltrow has repeatedly expressed sympathy for Sanderson’s declining mental health while insisting that she is not to blame.

“I was skiing and looking downhill, as you do, and I was skied directly into by Mr. Sanderson,” Paltrow said during the prosecution last week, adding that she shouted,

"You skied into my expletive back." In one of the stranger bits of testimony during the hearing, Paltrow said she initially thought that someone was committing a "sexual assault" because "he was making some strange noises that sounded male."

The trial verdict came after more than seven days of testimony from Paltrow herself, as well as plaintiff Sanderson, two of his daughters, plus eyewitnesses to the immediate aftermath of the collision.

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