Pakistan Navy units show combat skills

By Our Correspondent
March 31, 2023

ISLAMABAD: In an impressive Live Weapon Firing event, Pakistan Navy’s Ground-Based Air Defence units demonstrated combat readiness and warfighting potential through the successful firing of surface-to-air missiles during night hours, a Pakistan Navy spokesman said Thursday.

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi witnessed the missile firing at the front posts. During the missile firing sequence, PN Air Defence units successfully engaged the intended targets and demonstrated real-time hitting and professionalism. The missile firing through the newly-acquired short-range air defence system reassured PN's formidable defence against any incoming air threat.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief of the Naval Staff expressed complete satisfaction with the operational readiness of the PN Air Defence setup and commended officers and men for their tireless commitment. Naval Chief expressed a zeal that Pakistan Navy is fully prepared and capable to generate optimum response against any misadventure by the enemy.