Tom Cruise earns 'Hollywood's least eligible bachelor' title due to his ‘controlling nature’

Sources revealed Tom Cruise is known to be 'very micromanaging'

By Web Desk
March 26, 2023
Tom Cruise earns 'Hollywood's least eligible bachelor' title due to his ‘controlling nature’

Tom Cruise wowed fans with his outstanding performance in Top Gun: Maverick last year.

However, the actor, 60, has been labeled as Hollywood’s least eligible bachelor at the moment and the reason might surprise the actor’s fans.

According to RadarOnline, the Mission: Impossible star is reportedly looking for a partner at the moment. However, his ‘controlling’ personality is creating trouble for the star to connect with someone special.

"Tom would love to have someone in his life, but the truth is his reputation is just isn’t great. The whole Scientology thing is a turnoff for most women and he can’t exactly downplay it. He’s very committed to it,” said the source

“To him, any partner is an extension of him — and his brand — so he’s known to be very micromanaging — down to what clothes they can wear when they’re out with him," the insider explained.

Cruise was last romantically linked up with the Marvel star Hayley Atwell but things didn’t turn out well for him.

The sources further told the outlet the Edge of Tomorrow star's really tried hard to make things work with Atwell.

"But his controlling ways got too much for her — and she ended it. Women find him way too intense and he’s turned into Hollywood’s least eligible bachelor. It’s really off-putting. A lot of women have walked away after a few dates," a source said.