Everyday leads to no Sehri, Iftar conundrum

By Our Correspondent
March 26, 2023

Rawalpindi: I could not believe it; the gas supply was given the axe at the ‘Sehri’ and Iftar time, as I tried to prepare ‘Sehri’ and ‘Iftar’. If you are a ‘Sehri/Iftar’-preparing Mom, you know how busy the mornings and evenings can get.


“Apart from ‘Rozadars’ even for the school-going small kids, there is no gas supply. Trying to get the kids dressed, school bags and lunches packed, and get out of the door before the bulk of rush hour can lead to the no-breakfast conundrum. Hats off to the gas department it always takes the lead in creating this spectacle,” says Mehreen Haider.

“These days Ramadan is the most miserable month a person living in Rawalpindi can ever have. It all depends on the gas department’s mood and attitude to make the holy month of Ramadan comfortable or not for the ‘Rozadars’,” adds Mehreen.

“Having ‘Iftar’ can be a blast if you spend it with your dear ones. However, the gas department is a real joy-killer. Staying at my residence last day were some of my relatives, but they couldn’t expect convenience and elegance at its best at ‘Sehri’ and ‘Iftar’ time as the gas department ditched all their hopes by turning off the gas supply,” laments Sehrish Zaidi. “Because the gas department is not cooperating with us, especially during special occasions like the holy month of Ramadan, we set the mood and get our creative side running by having ‘Roza just by drinking water,” says Najaf Naqvi.

“Even when the gas runs out, our get-together continues, letting us experience the comfort and warmth of our dear ones as we enjoy the company of the people close to our hearts,” adds Najaf.

“Pindiites once again have descended into the days of their discontent, losing gas supply at Sehri/Iftar time due to a gas department policy that should have ended years ago. As the gas crunch issue drags on, ordinary people in the city are beginning to suffer,” says Shehbano. “We the residents of the localities surrounding Murree road are feeling the full force of the crunch. Every day SNGPL switches off the gas. The loss of gas supply means the complete loss of normalcy. Our lifestyle is so dependent upon the gas supply constancy that we do not know how to function without it,” says Nosheen, a mother of five kids.

“How do we cook Sehr­i/Iftar if our stove has no gas? How do our children find their way to breakfast in the morning if the gas stove does not work? The answer to all these questions lies with the gas department,” adds Nosheen. Sajeela Naqvi says, “In the gas department office, there is no concept of holding emergency meetings following one after the other. Such a height of indifference to people’s problems prevails there.”