Poetry based on inner feelings

By Ibne Ahmad
March 26, 2023

A shady top-secret, an overwhelming reality, a personality predicament, varieties, combatting hopelessness, and reception, Dhrhakta Dil is a collection of poems by Sameera Shah written in moments of her solitude.


Being a child of a young widow was quite a shocking experience for the poet when she learns the truth about her deceased father. This discovery initiates a change in her perception of her identity, and she starts questioning the foundation of her existence as if it were a lie.

However, when her stepbrother mentions her father, who was a poet, she draws inspiration from his poems and starts penning her innermost feelings and passions in her poetry.

Divided into three parts under different titles, each part is a revelation of her feelings during her childhood stage, and adulthood period. In each phase of at times denial of being an orphan and on occasions of acceptance of the realities of her life she goes through, she juts down whatever she experiences.

She shares her experiences of the journey of life she takes, from being depressed after discovering the truth to healing from trauma and accepting herself as an individual despite lineage and orphanage. She later realizes that choice does not define life but love, warm reception, and trust.

This collection of poems is a memoir that is inspiring, motivating, and emotional. The poems describe one of the most interesting and sensitive memoirs that poetry lovers have come across in their lives. The poet shares her experiences of beating depression by starting to write. Her written accounts reveal her deepest feelings, which is proof of the pain she went through.

The poems remind the readers of the fact that poetry is the continuous overflow of powerful feelings. It takes its origin from emotions recollected in different phases of life during moments of tranquility.

As I kept reading, a few lines from one of her poems reminded me of the poetry of Mir Taqi Mir. The poet finds love in her solo existence among the family members, which finally gives her clarity and the making of her destiny.

She sets the perfect example of how we can learn to channel our pain to achieve a greater sense of purpose, achieve freedom, forgive and accept the harshest of truths, and move forward without waiting for society’s approval.

The flow of her thoughts reflects in her figurative language, and poetic liberty gives her the upper hand to explore various writing styles, doing justice to literature. One should have a copy of this at home, as it inspires and gives hope to those that are lost and struggling to connect to their loved ones. It is also proof that writing is another way of giving expression to inner feelings, which provides one with a sense of ownership of writing.