Taapsee Pannu wants audience to expect all sorts of characters from her

Taapsee Pannu is determined to explore more forms of her art

By Web Desk
March 24, 2023
Taapsee Pannu is determined to explore more forms of her art

Taapsee Pannu is famous for picking up unconventional characters. She always chooses her projects very thoroughly and makes sure to bring something new to the table. However, the actress in a recent interview reveals that she wants to try her hands on all sorts of characters.

Explaining her point, she said, “I appreciate that people have a certain perception of me, and that they expect me to do something unconventional and different from the norm. But, looking at my work solely through that lens and anticipating something drastically different in every frame of every movie can be harsh, unfair and brutal. While I can experiment with my character, the story and the world around it, there are certain limitations as it’s the same human being performing all of those roles. I do feel the pressure sometimes.”

She further added that she is true to her work and want to be able to explore. She said, “I became an actor because I enjoy the craft and the process of it, not for the fame and glory that come with it.”