K-pop group Itzy’s Lia discusses the band’s identity

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March 24, 2023

She sat down for her first solo pictorial with Elle Korea

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She sat down for her first solo pictorial with Elle Korea

Lia from the K-pop group Itzy shares her thoughts on the group’s identity in her first solo pictorial with Elle Korea. The group is nearly at the end of their first-ever world tour called Checkmate.

When discussing what makes them the most authentic, she explained: “That we always try to spread healthy and positive energy, whether that’s on stage or in our everyday lives. I like the energy that emerges when the five of us are together. Even if they’re small, there are so many moments when we feel happy among ourselves.”

When asked if she’s been living in the moment like their music suggests, she answered: “I think I’m living diligently. Whether I’m happy or going through a hard time, I believe that the way I feel those emotions deeply is proof that I’m moving forward sincerely and wholeheartedly. With these steps that I’ve done my best for as the foundation, I hope that I’ll be able to run more freely in the future.”

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