Prince William, heir to the British throne, enjoys dinner at gay restaurant in Poland

Prince William leaves diners stunned as he enjoys meals at a restaurant which is described online as a "queer space"

By Web Desk
March 23, 2023

Prince William left the diners stunned as he arrived to enjoy dinner at a gay restaurant in Warsaw during his secret trip to Poland on Wednesday.

Unsuspecting diners of Patrons at Buetero Bistro, which is described online as a “queer space,” were in shock to see the heir to the British throne tucking into a dinner that cost less than $10.


In the picture, shared by a media outlet, Kate Middleton's hubby can be seen relaxed in a button-down shirt while sitting with a group of his staffers.

"The team from Kensington Palace booked a local restaurant near where they were working, and the prince decided to join them," a source told the Daily Mail.

"He asked them what they were doing and then asked to come along," the insider shared.

"It was a great night by all accounts. The team really appreciated him asking to join them," they added.

Some locals have shared the details about the Prince of Wales' surprise visit to the restaurant with different media outlets. The eatery’s owner, Pawel Zasim, was just as astonished as his customers to see a royal in the flesh.

H told the British newspaper that he had “absolutely not idea” William was coming and that the table had been booked for a birthday party for a woman named Daisy and 11 of her guests.

“But then a bodyguard appeared and said that this wasn’t going to be a Daisy birthday party, and then Prince William walked in,” Zasim added.

the owner also shared details of William's meal, saying the Prince of Wales chowed down on a “sandwich in a braided roll with pulled pork” during the three-hour meal, and he ate everything, so I think he liked it."

King Charles' eldest son William’s visit to an gay restaurant is being considered as a welcome sign of allyship to "Poland’s beleaguered community."