Guneet Monga talks about her win at the Oscars 2022

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March 23, 2023

Guneet Monga reveals secret ‘Oscar winner’ recipe of film

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Guneet Monga reveals secret ‘Oscar winner’ recipe of film

Guneet Monga won Oscar for her film The Elephant Whisperer.

She produced the film alongside Achin Jain who feels surreal about the win. She said, "This is the real celebration. Coming back home. That moment was surreal, humbling but the reeling in is happening now. The joy I feel... is the joy I see in everyone's eyes. So we feel very proud."

Addressing the celebrations, she said, "I have said this thing during 'The Lunchbox', its very important to understand that the film should have solid American distribution if you are aiming for the Oscars. Because we had solid American distribution, the film was seen more, heard more, celebrated more. We are here because of the incredible experience with Netflix USA. I am hopeful for many more now."

Discussing her film and the remarkable win, she said, "We will only sit here and guess, but it's a very fair voting process. We are not allowed to ask them what made them choose a winner, but I think if the film has appealed to so many people, its the beauty of Kartiki's (director Kartiki Gonsalves) vision, 'Bomman and Billie's true love towards the elephants. We have seen 2-year old kids being awestruck by the movie. I don't think the academy voters are anyone else, they are filmmakers and the beauty of the film spoke to them above and beyond."

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