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Prince Harry’s real reason for ‘emptying the barrel’ leaked

Experts have finally weighed in on Prince Harry’s decision to ‘fully empty the barrel’

By Web Desk
March 23, 2023

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Prince Harry has sparked a massive amount of debate about his constant attempts to 'empty the barrel'.

These admissions and claims have been brought to light by comedian Katherine Ryan.

Ms Katherine “I have listened to the audiobook. It surprised me and it definitely showed me a new angle on Harry and the Royal Family.”

According to Express UK “It was a level of transparency that I never expected to get from any of them, but I liked it.”

“I liked listening to his smooth, sultry voice as I fell asleep for a few evenings. I also feel that if I was his advisor, there was something smart done with him emptying the barrel.”

“Harry basically went: 'Here's it all. So now what are you looking for?'”

“Because I think part of what drew the media to his mother was maybe the mystery that existed back then, you know, we want to find out what you're doing and what are you wearing and where are you going?”

“And now if you give everything and what is there to look for? So part of me thinks maybe he was doing that”.