Gaurav Chopra talks about parental loss and how it has affected his work

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March 22, 2023

Gaurav Chopra talks about his career choices and parental loss

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Gaurav Chopra talks about his career choices and parental loss

Gaurav Chopra has worked his way through the top in television and right now he is busy with south films. He will be seen in Gadar 2 alongside Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. In a recent interview with E-times he opens up about loss of his parents and parental loss.

Talking about his work, he said, “I kept doing my work with hard work and dedication and one after another, I kept getting projects based on that. I don't know how to go to somebody and say, 'Have you seen my work, please give me some work.' When somebody calls me, I don't even care how big or small they are. I directly ask them to meet me or I go and meet them.”

Speaking of his parents’ loss, he said, “It's been tough. This has been the lowest phase of my life. I was living in Mumbai and my family was in Delhi and Bengaluru. I have been going on along with my career change and not feeling 100 per cent about myself. It has been a tough battle. But I feel like it has made me stronger. I also feel like I have become a better human being. I have become much more humble. I have started valuing basic things in life. Work, money, fame, materialistic things, love and success, they should be given importance but they shouldn't be more important than your life. Imagine your life being a cake, then these things are all slices. If you have all these slices, then your world is complete.”

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