Prince Harry 'year of transition' was hampered after bodyguard left

Prince Harry talks about the moment his security left him alone in Canada

By Web Desk
March 22, 2023

Prince Harry discusses about the time his team of bodyguards left him alone in Canada.

Back in 2020, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took off to Canada, their bodyguard told them about the evacuation plans of security.


Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Archie reveals: “I carried Archie across the garden and handed him to Meg, then went across the soggy grass to the cottage where Lloyde and the other bodyguards were staying. We sat on a bench, both of us wearing puffer jackets. Waves rolling gently in the background, Lloyde told me that our security was being pulled.”

Harry continues: “He and the whole team had been ordered to evacuate. Surely they can’t. I would tend to agree. But they are. So much for the year of transition. The threat level for us, Lloyde said, was still higher than for that of nearly every other royal, equal to that assigned the Queen. And yet the word had come down and there was to be no arguing”