Parking fee being charged illegally at Faisal Mosque

By Our Correspondent
March 21, 2023

Islamabad: Despite official announcement by the local administration about free parking at Faisal Mosque a group of people is forcefully charging parking fee to the visitors.


According to the details, the local administration has placed a board reading an official announcement that parking in the premises of Faisal Mosque is free. But some people are still charging parking fee and they have also set up their temporary arrangement at the spot. It is really unfortunate to see that when visitors tell them about the board placed by the local administration, these people ‘advise’ them to go and lodge complaint against them.

“When I asked these people about the board placed by the local administration he maintained that this announcement has rendered useless as there is no more free parking at the Faisal Mosque. Then they told me that if I had an issue then I should file complaint against them,” said Yasir Mir, a visitor at Faisal Mosque. The parking fee issue at Faisal Mosque remains unresolved, with unknown people and visitors making contradictory statements and pointing fingers at each other. The administration has placed a permanent board clearly showing free parking but some people are not ready to accept this announcement and demanding money from visitors as parking fee.

An official has said “We placed an official notice outside the Faisal Mosque in August last year informing the visitors that there was no parking fee for cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. This decision is still intact and no one can violate it.” “We have taken notice of the situation and will take appropriate steps to remove all such groups from Faisal Mosque that are demanding money from visitors.