Solarize Pakistan

March 21, 2023

Pakistan has enormous potential for renewable energy resources, particularly solar energy. Despite enjoying plenty of sunshine all year, the country is nevertheless heavily reliant on non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas. This reliance on non-renewable energy has led to environmental deterioration, energy insecurity, and economic insecurity. To overcome these obstacles, Pakistan’s government must promote the usage of solar energy throughout the country. Solar energy is the most abundant and long-lasting source of energy on the planet and it is becoming increasingly popular in industrialized countries, where it is helping to reduce carbon emissions, create jobs and improve energy security.


Solar energy is also a great source of decentralized power, which means it may be utilized to power rural and off-grid places. This has the potential to be a game changer in Pakistan, where a large section of the population lives in rural areas without access to electricity. To attain a sustainable energy future, the government must encourage and promote the use of solar energy.

Shahid Ullah Khan Tator

Dera Ismail Khan