Prince William did not want to be 'reason' Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left

Prince William did not want to hurt Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

By Web Desk
March 21, 2023

Prince William did not want to be blamed for the highly scandalous Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exit.

During one of the final meetings with Harry before he left for America, William told his brother how he was hurt about papers blaming him for Megxit.


Detailing the conversation, Harry pens in memoir 'Spare': "The press was a big part of why we’d come to this crisis—their business model demanded that we be in constant conflict—but they weren’t the only culprits. I looked at Willy. This was his moment to jump in, echo what I was saying, talk about his maddening experiences with Pa and Camilla. Instead he complained about a story in the morning papers suggesting that he was the reason we were leaving. I’m now being accused of bullying you and Meg out of the family!"

Harry continues: "I wanted to say: We had nothing to do with that story…but imagine how you might feel if we had leaked it. Then you’ll know how Meg and I have felt the last three years