ChatGPT suffers worldwide outage

Several users tweet to confirm whether it's a worldwide outage or they are having problem

By Web Desk
March 20, 2023
This photo is displaying the logos of Microsoft and ChatGPT. — AFP/File

OpenAI's widely recognised artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has reportedly stopped working for its users all across the globe as a number of complainants have been registered with health monitor Down Detector.

The website logged hundreds of complaints regarding ChatGPT and GPT 4 that the chatbot is not working and keeps loading.

Taking to Twitter, several users have also tweeted to confirm whether it's a worldwide outage or only they are having this problem.

The page updating issues about OpenAI products was seen as written with "outage on", with several incidents in the past days.

ChatGPT is the most famous AI chatbot developed by Microsoft backed-start-up, released late last year. It is capable of writing human-like responses to questions.

GPT 4, a newer and upgraded model and was made public this month. GPT 4 is "multimodal" and equipped with a system that can also perceive images alongside texts.

Here's what users have been saying about ChatGPT's issues.