Ben Affleck shares why he stopped working with Matt Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appear together in 1998 movie Good Will Hunting

By Web Desk
March 17, 2023
Ben Affleck shares why he stopped working with Matt Damon

Ben Affleck recently elaborated on why he had avoided working with Matt Damon over the years following the successful venture Good Will Hunting in 1998.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Pearl Harbour star shared, “We fell prey to this idea that, ‘Well, if you don’t individuate your careers and do your own things, people will always associate you together. That will be limiting’.”

“That was the advice we got,” said the Gone Girl actor.

Affleck mentioned, “And also just a function of the fact that our goal was to work as actors.”

Explaining the reason, Affleck remarked, “The motivation behind making Good Will Hunting was to serve as an acting reel so they could land acting jobs and not because we wanted to be writers.”

“So, when we became successful and had the opportunity to do movies, we took them,” commented Affleck.

The Deep Water actor stated, “The phone could stop ringing at any time, and especially where Matt and I grew up pretty modestly.”

“It was almost irresponsible to not take a job where they were going to pay you a lot of money,” he added.

Reportedly, Affleck and Damon co-founded a new production company, Artists Equity and Air is the first movie from their company, which will premiere in cinemas on April 5.

Elsewhere in the interview, Affleck also talked about nearly 40-year friendship with Damon, adding, I trust him and love him, and I know that this is somebody with integrity. In this business, failure is hard, and success is confusing and can make you lose your bearings.

“Having that friendship as a touchstone over the years was really meaningful,” he concluded.